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To experience Crizal® Lenses for yourself, contact your local Eyecare Professional today.

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Use our helpful tips to get the conversation started – even take them along to your appointment.

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Know how to buy Varilux when you visit your Varilux eyecare professional, have your vision benefits information handy and ask for Varilux Lenses

Getting the right lens means knowing what to ask.

Use these helpful tips to talk to your Eyecare Professional about Crizal lenses at your next appointment. Remember, Crizal lenses are only available through Eyecare Professionals.

Take your current glasses, contacts and sunwear with you (if you wear them).

They can provide helpful information regarding your previous prescription, lens type and lens material.

Talk about your current activities.

Your Eyecare Professional should know about any activities that could benefit from a specific lens material or treatment, even a special frame type. So whether you’re an avid reader, athlete, or drive at night, tell them about it.

Crizal lenses are available on most vision benefits plans. Have your vision benefits information handy.

Know which Eyecare Professionals are in your network as well as how much your benefits will contribute towards your new Crizal lenses.

Ask for Crizal No-Glare lenses.

Take our tips with you.

Make the most of your next eye care appointment with this helpful guide to go.

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