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Discover Crizal® for Kids lenses

As a parent, you understand that good vision leads to a more productive life for your child. Crizal for Kids lenses help your child see clearly, so they are better able to focus and learn. Ask your Independent Eyecare Professional if Crizal for Kids lenses are right for your child.

No-Glare protection made specially for kids

Bright reflections and glare can cause irritation, eye strain, and discomfort to the eyes. Crizal Kids UV™ lenses go beyond just frame and prescription selection by offering the best protection from glare.

Superior clarity of vision for school days:

  • Protection from glare and reflections
  • Easy to clean
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Durable and scratch-resistant

Superior safety for play days:

  • Standard with safe, impact-resistant Airwear® polycarbonate lens material
  • The most comprehensive daily UV protection

Are Your Child’s Glasses School Proof?

Start the new school year off right with Crizal for Kids lenses. Fromthe playground to the classroom, Crizal for Kids lenses help correct andprotect your child’s vision.

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The ultimate protection against harmful light

Over-exposure to Blue-Violet light can damage the retina and may lead to long-term damage to your child’s eyes.

Children today are exposed to digital devices that may emit  harmful Blue-Violet light. Crizal® Prevencia™ Kids lenses selectively filter out harmful light while letting good light pass through.

Crizal Prevencia Kids lenses provide:

  • All of the benefits of Crizal Kids UV
  • Additional protection from Blue-Violet light
School-Proof: Crizal® for Kids Lenses
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My daughter has been wearing her Crizal lenses for a year, and I'm happy to say they are still scratch-free and unbreakable.

Jane D, OR

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Change how every child sees the world

Clear vision is vital to improving child development and growth. In partnership with Kids Vision for Life, we’re helping children in need see the world in a whole new way. Help us provide screenings and glasses to create better lives through better sight.

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