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School-Proof: Crizal® for Kids Lenses

Designed for children between the ages of 5 to 12, Crizal for Kids lenses were created to withstand the energetic lifestyle of childhood. Children are active and busy, even at school. From playing gym class sports to making art class masterpieces, school-proof Crizal for Kids lenses are safe, strong, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean so your child can have optimal clarity of vision.

School-Proof Durability

Crizal for Kids lenses are made with an impact resistant Airwear® polycarbonate lens material — a material tough enough for fighter pilot cockpit canopies — that’s more durable, lighter, and thinner than traditional plastic lenses. They also have a thin scratch-resistant layer that helps to strengthen children’s lenses for extra toughness and eye protection for all activities.

Superior UV Protection

Children’s developing eyes are more susceptible to UV damage. Daily protection, rain or shine, is needed for outdoor sports and activities. Crizal for Kids lenses feature exceptional protection against damaging UV exposure with:

  • An E-SPF® value of 25 — for 25 times more UV protection than going without eyewear.*
  • If your child uses a digital device for three or more hours, ask for Crizal Prevencia® Kids. Crizal Prevencia Kids lenses offer additional protection from harmful Blue-Violet light emitted by digital devices while allowing healthy Blue-Turquoise light into children’s eyes.

Protective No-Glare Technology

School-aged children experience harsh glare and reflections during the school day from fluorescent lights, whiteboards, and digital devices that can cause distractions, discomfort, and eyestrain. Crizal for Kids No-Glare lenses offer glare protection through the front and back of the lenses. You can be happy knowing harsh glare is not distracting your child from learning at school.

Easy-to-Clean Lenses

From hands-on science experiments to art class, learning can be both fun and messy. Crizal for Kids No-Glare lenses feature special technology that keep lenses clean and clear. The High Surface Density™ (HSD) Super Hydrophobic layer resists water, distracting fingerprints, and smudges making them easy to clean so children can stay focused on school and fun.

Are your children tough on their glasses at school? No problem. Crizal for Kids lenses come with a limited, onetime lens replacement warranty. Speak to your Eyecare Practitioner to learn more about the limited warranty they offer on Crizal lenses. So you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, your child’s lenses are school-proof.

*E-SPF® is a global index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF® was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by third-party experts. A lens rating of E-SPF® 25 means that an eye protected by the lens will receive 25 times less UV exposure than an unprotected eye.

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