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Crizal Sapphire UVE-SPF 25Good Housekeeping

Crizal Sapphire UV - The clearest No-Glare lenses ever created now with the most complete daily UV protection.

Crizal Sapphire UV is so clear, it’s nearly invisible on the wearer. It gives you all the benefits of Crizal Avancé UV, plus the best clarity of vision to meet the visual demands that digital devices place on your eyes, such as computers, smartphones, video games and TVs.

Protect Your Eyes: Crizal Sapphire UV No-Glare lenses feature exclusive Broad Spectrum Technology (Patent-Pending) to provide the most complete daily UV protection for long-term eye health while maintaining maximum visible light transmission for crisper, clearer vision.

Now providing the most complete daily UV protection with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25.

Protect Your Vision: Imagine fewer headaches while working on the computer. What if those fluorescent lights at work suddenly seemed less annoying? What if your kids could wear glasses that actually held up? What if their lenses were durable and resistant to scratches, smudges and fingerprints?

Crizal Sapphire, the Clearest Crizal lenses

Benefits of wearing Crizal Sapphire UV No-Glare lenses:

See your best while looking your best! Less glare so you can combat the drain of computers and fluorescent lights on your eyes. Look good in your glasses with less unsightly glare so people can see your eyes

Protect Your Investment! These lenses have the best durability and scratch resistance so your glasses will last longer

Easy to Clean! The best cleanability so any fingerprints, water and smudges wipe away with ease, and low-Maintenance! The best dust repellence so your lenses stay cleaner, longer

And the most complete daily UV protection with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25

For the most advanced No-Glare lens on the market, ask your Eyecare Professional about Crizal Sapphire UV.

Good Housekeeping Seal Only Applies to the Crizal Process.

*For clear No-Glare lenses, except 1.5 index. Measured by K. Citek, O.D. Pacific University College of Optometry, 2011. E-SPF is a new global index developed by Essilor, endorsedby independent third parties, measuring the lens’ UV protection excluding direct eye exposure from around the lens. E-SPF of 25 means the wearer is 25times more protected than without any lens. With clear 1.5 plastic, E-SPF of 10.